EUGA Patronage is carried out through the use of the EUGA logo on flyers, leaflets, publications and publicity materials.

The authority who can grant or deny the patronage is the EUGA Publication Committee which reserves the right to consult with the Executive Committee. 


In order for the patronage to be granted, the event must be compliant with the following:

  • It must be of international or national nature;

  • The President of the event and/or the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee must be a EUGA member;

  • A local EUGA representative should preferably attend the Opening Ceremony to bring EUGA official greetings;

  • The aim of the event must concern the urogynaecological field;

  • The Scientific Programme must be attached to the request of patronage;

  • Place and date must be included in the Scientific Programme;

  • According to Medtech, EFPIA and UEMS procedures any supports from commercial partners must be clearly disclosed in the last/back cover page of the programme;  

  • It should preferably release EACCME points.

  • Speakers dedicated to Urogynaecology, who act as representatives in this subspecialty in their countries.

  • At least 50% of the speakers must be current EUGA members.

  • At least one of the Faculty members must be involved in one of the EUGA committees.

  • The Scientific programme must comply with international guidelines.

  • The submitter must be aware that suggestions and modifications can be proposed by the EUGA Executive and Education Committees.


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